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12 nuclear tourism destinations

By: Laura Moss on Jan. 9, 2012, 9:24 a.m.
nuclear explosion at Bikini Atoll

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Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll is part of the Micronesian Islands and was the location of 23 U.S. atomic bomb tests from 1946 through 1958. The Bravo test in 1954 was the most powerful bomb the U.S. ever detonated — it was much more destructive than predicted and resulted in widespread radioactive contamination. Scuba divers can visit the atoll and explore its sunken fleet of 10 ships that were anchored in the lagoon during the nuclear tests. While the local government closed the atoll for tourism in 2008, some groups are still allowed to dive on the wrecks if they make arrangements with Bikini Atoll Divers.