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12 U.S. places where your visit could double the population

By: Laura Moss on Dec. 22, 2017, 9:30 a.m.
A sign with the population and elevation figures for Lost Springs, Wyoming

Photo: Idunno00923 [CC by 1.0]/Wikimedia Commons

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Lonely locations

You've heard of a one-horse town, but what about a one-person town? Scattered throughout the U.S. are places with populations you can count on one hand — and sometimes one finger. Some of these places were evacuated after devastating environmental disasters, others simply saw residents move away as local businesses closed and economic opportunities faded. But each of these places has an intriguing story worth telling, and each one is home to some unique residents — or at least one. So check out these lonely locations, grab some friends, and plot out a population-doubling road trip.

This gallery has been updated with new information since it was originally published in August 2011.