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14 bizarre gas stations worth a pit stop

By: Laura Moss on July 20, 2011, 1:36 p.m.
abandoned Hat 'n' Boots gas station in Washington

Photo: Philo Nordlund/Flickr

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Hat 'n' Boots

In 1954, a Western-themed gas station known as Premium Tex was built and became home to the largest cowboy hat and cowboy boots in America. The 19-foot tall orange hat served as the gas station office, and the boots were bathrooms: one for cowgirls and one for cowboys. The gas station closed in 1988 and Hat ‘n’ Boots fell into disrepair until a community council raised funds to move the hat and boots to Oxbow Park in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. The boots were restored in 2005, but the hat remained a metal skeleton until it was restored in 2010. Hat ‘n’ Boots is now a popular roadside attraction, and there are plans to turn the cowboy hat into a museum about the gas station’s history.