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5 invigorating springtime hikes

By: Matt Hickman on March 29, 2011, 10:14 a.m.
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Take a hike

With National Park Week just around the corner (April 16–24), there's no better way to reintroduce yourself to Mother Nature — and say farewell to those pesky pounds put on by a long period of wintertime idleness — than to dust off those hiking boots and venture off on a long, scenic ramble in the wild. Everyone who hoofs it in the great outdoors for recreation has their favorite spot, so we thought we'd offer five of our favorite hiking destinations that are located within national parks or are units of the National Park Service.

Given that entrance fees at more than 100 parks that usually charge for admission are waived during National Park Week, embarking on a springtime hiking adventure in a National Park either new or much beloved makes for a budget-friendly spring travel idea. And if things aren't quite thawed out at some of these spots by National Park Week, be sure to add them to your summer hiking list. (Text: Matt Hickman)