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7 destinations for a wellness getaway

By: Josh Lew on Jan. 25, 2013, 5:21 p.m.
Taiwan hot spring

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Tai chi, hot springs in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the more accessible Asian destinations for people who are interested in a natural health-themed vacation. Tai chi (often referred to as tai chi chuan) is widely practiced in Taiwan, especially by elderly people. Locals can be seen practicing this slow-moving martial arts style in parks all over the nation, especially in the capital city of Taipei. There is really no need to plan a “tai chi themed vacation” here. You can simply head to the local park (Taipei's giant Da An Park is a good option) and join in with the other practitioners. Some parks have more formal classes where you can get instruction. Similar tai-chi-in-the-park scenes are found all over East Asia.

However, Taiwan has another interesting natural health attraction: hot springs. The springs of Taipei are attractive because visitors can choose the type of experience that they want to have. Some naturally heated mineral baths are open to the public, who can enjoy a soak after paying a small admission fee. There are also more exclusive spas, which offer their own pools as well as a full menu of health and beauty treatments.