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8 creepiest places in U.S. national parks

By: Laura Moss on Oct. 4, 2012, 7:10 p.m.
Gettysburg National Battlefield

Photo: Soaptree/flickr

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Devil's Den, Gettysburg National Battlefield

With 51,000 casualties, Gettysburg was the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest battle. Reports of ghostly soldiers are common here, especially at Devil’s Den, a boulder-strewn hill that was used by artillery and infantry. The most common sighting is that of a barefoot ghost wearing a floppy hat who is known as “The Hippie” and is thought to be a member of the 1st Texas Infantry. Those who have met the spirit report that he always says the same thing while pointing toward Plum Rum: “What you’re looking for is over there.” Those who claim to have photographed the ghost say that his image doesn’t appear in pictures, and Devil’s Den is known for causing cameras and other electronic equipment to malfunction.