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8 movies where scenery is the star

By: Josh Lew on Feb. 18, 2013, 5:21 p.m.
Road to El Chalten, Patagonia

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'Motorcycle Diaries,' South America

The 2004 film "The Motorcycle Diaries" portrays Argentinean guerilla fighter Che Guevara's journey through Latin America before he took up the cause of communism. Long before the movie was made, intrepid travelers from around the world have followed the route that Guevara and friend Alberto Granado took.

The Motorcycle Diaries movie posterThe movie locations in South America can be found in the starkly beautiful landscapes of Patagonia, the high deserts of Chile, the mountains of Peru and even the Amazon River (that's Patagonia's Mount Fitz Roy in the distance). In a sense, the film visits many of the most famous and scenic natural destinations in South America. It is possible to retrace much of Guevara's journey on a motorcycle (travel writer Patrick Symmes did it even before the movie came out), but there are tour companies that take “Che” tourists along parts of the route.