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8 of the world's most spectacular scuba spots

By: Josh Lew on Feb. 4, 2013, 5:49 p.m.
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Egyptian Red Sea

In scuba diving circles, the waters of the Red Sea in Egypt are not as well known as places like the South Pacific, Caribbean and Mediterranean. Nonetheless, there are a number of amazing dive sites in this region. Great underwater visibility, warm waters. and a variety of reefs and open water dive sites as well as ship and plane wrecks provide a huge menu for serious and novice divers.

The headlining diving area is found in the waters around Ras Mohammed National Park. This marine sanctuary features high table reefs and deep vertical overhangs. Divers who spend a lot of time underwater in Ras Mohammed will encounter large animals like sharks or dolphins and colorful small marine life forms like sea fans, scorpionfish and anemones.