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8 roadside attractions made from salvaged materials

By: Laura Moss on May 3, 2012, 6:02 p.m.
Paper House

Photo: Danielle Walquist Lynch/flickr

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Paper House

In 1922, mechanical engineer Elias F. Stenman began constructing his two-room Rockport, Mass., home, with plans to insulate it with newspaper. However, he soon began building the entire house out of paper, and two years and 215 layers of newspaper layer, Stenman moved in. He then decided to make all of the home’s furnishings — including the desk and the piano — out of newspaper as well, and he continued to work on the project until his death in 1942.


Although the frame, floor and roof are made of wood, the rest of the home is composed entirely of newspaper donated by Stenman’s friends and family. Although the Paper House is completely sturdy, it does have to be revarnished every few years to keep it well-preserved.