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8 vacations based on books

By: Josh Lew on April 29, 2013, 3:44 p.m.
A statue in Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah

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'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' in Savannah

Savannah, Ga., has always been filled with historic buildings and a classic Old South ambiance. However, it remained largely off the tourist map until 1994, when author John Berendt published the fact-based crime novel "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." The Southern Gothic tone, quirky locals, and skillful descriptions of Savannah's landscapes made the city an instant must-visit destination for many readers. Even today, almost two decades after the book’s publication, you can still visit the mansion-lined plazas and tour some of the homes that were depicted in "Midnight."  

The famous Bird Girl statue from the cover of the original novel, sits in history-filled Bonaventure Cemetery. Savannah is one of those places where you can feel like you've had a full vacation even if you spent your entire stay simply wandering around soaking in the sights and atmosphere. However, there are also a number of walking tours, like the one offered by Savannah Walks, that trace the narrative and visit some of the most important places used in Berendt's book. Most tours begin at Monterey Square, where the murder that is at the center of "Midnight" takes place, before passing through Bonaventure and stopping at several historic homes.