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9 putt-putt courses where your score takes a backseat to the decor

By: Josh Lew on Dec. 18, 2015, 1:11 p.m.
KISS! Monster Mini-Golf

Photo: William Warby/flickr

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Half the fun of playing mini-golf is the atmosphere. Sometimes, the decorations are modest: a windmill, miniature buildings, some sort of clown figure or mascot. But a few mini-golf courses take their themes very seriously. You can putt your way through a course illuminated by black lights and rockband artwork (like the Kiss Monster Mini-Golf pictured here) or roll your ball past a dragon that breathes real fire. (Don't miss that putt!)

As you plan your next family outing, think about these mini-golf courses that promise to entertain, no matter how bad your score. (And keep in mind that some of these facilities aren't open year-round).