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Beach destinations for people who don't like the beach

By: Josh Lew on June 15, 2014, 12:08 p.m.
Old Town Dubrovnik

Photo: Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

The crystal clear waters of the Croatian Riviera have made Dubrovnik one of this decade's most buzzed-about tourist destinations. There is a variety of beach options here. The Lapad beach area, a couple of miles outside the city center, features clean sands and a perfectly balanced setup: bars and shops on one end for the "beach scene" crowd and less crowded, more remote stretches of sand on the other end for those seeking some sandy solitude. Pebble beaches, closer to the city's Old Town, are alternatives that are equally popular during the summertime. Dubrovnik is a sightseer's dreamland. The historic Old Town rivals the Italian towns of the Amalfi Coast in terms of history, photo-worthiness and atmosphere. An energetic summertime party scene takes place all around the city and strolling anywhere within the ancient Old Town walls is a great way to soak in the unique ambiance of this timeless place.