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7 of the best World War I sites you can visit

By: Josh Lew on Sept. 22, 2016, 3:20 p.m.
Memorial sculptures of the Gallipoli Campaign in Eceabat, Turkey

Photo: Nejdet Duzen/Shutterstock

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Gallipoli Peninsula

Not every major battle of World War I was fought in Western Europe. The Ottoman Empire (now known as Turkey), one of Germany’s most powerful allies, was attempting to gain territory in the Middle East during the conflict. In a move that they hoped would open a new front in the war, Great Britain decided to attack the Ottomans by invading the Gallipoli Peninsula, which is in modern day Turkey. Troops from Australia and New Zealand (known as ANZACs) saw most of the fighting during this battle. They were unable to dislodge Turkish troops from their fortifications and ended up being pulled from the line after months of heavy fighting.

Today, the battlefields of Gallipoli are part of a Turkish national park, an area that is quite easy to tour independently. Well-marked roads and trails lead past memorials and the five dozen cemeteries in the area where the battle's casualties are buried. The Gallipoli Simulation Center, opened in 2012, is a museum that takes visitors on an interactive trip through the campaign, giving them viewpoints from both sides of the battle.

Battle sites like Lone Pine, which ANZAC troops captured after suffering 50 percent casualties, are important for visitors from Australia and New Zealand. Lone Pine is part of the ANZAC Walk, a route that passes through 14 major battle sites that were a part of the campaign.