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7 of the best World War I sites you can visit

By: Josh Lew on Sept. 22, 2016, 3:20 p.m.
Canadian National Vimy Memorial during a cloudy afternoon

Photo: Willequet Manuel/Shutterstock

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Vimy Ridge

The Battle for Vimy Ridge was part of a larger Allied offensive known as the Battle of Arras. Arras marked a change in tactics that would eventually help the Allies gain the upper hand in France. Using skillfully targeted artillery to cover the troops' advance, and dividing into smaller units, each with a very specific task that they had trained specially for. Through this approach, the Canadians were able to take the strategically important ridge.

Despite being an important step for Allied forces, the Arras battlefields are not as well visited as those of other major battles of the war. Nonetheless, there's a lot to see here, particularly in the Vimy Ridge area. The Canadian Vimy Ridge Memorial, a towering monument, can be seen for miles around (pictured). Some of the trenches on the ridge have been reinforced with cement and are still standing today. The battlefield also has shell craters, which are clearly visible (although they are now covered with grass). Visitors can take guided tours of the Grange Tunnels, which were dug by the Allies and used during the battle.