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Sandy dozen: 12 site-specific beach reads

By: Matt Hickman on May 25, 2011, 7:12 a.m.
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Time to relax

Has a summertime beach read ever left you geographically confused? For example, you’re hunkered down in the sand on Cape Cod enjoying a novel that takes place around the beaches of Southern California. Or, you’ve settled down in a beach chair on the Oregon coast to read a mystery set on the Gulf Coast. Somewhat jarring, right?

Here you’ll find a dozen site-specific books to throw in your tote (or download onto your Kindle or iPad) before you head to the beach this summer. After all, isn’t it more fun to plow through a trashy novel about the beach you just happen to be sitting on? On the list you’ll find works of classic literature by the likes of Fitzgerald and Miller, works of classic beach-ready melodrama by the likes of Conroy and Roberts, and a couple of new, nonfiction releases that aren’t your stereotypical short-ish, sappy and silly paperbacks devoured en masse on beaches. Do you have a favorite beach read that just happens to take place on and around a beach? (Text: Matt Hickman)