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The most endangered historic places in the U.S.

By: Ashley Chase on June 27, 2011, 10:30 a.m.
a busy street in charleston

Photo: WKeown/Flickr

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Leaving so soon?

The National Trust for Historic Preservation compiles a list each year of sites across the United States deemed "endangered." The places chosen range "from urban districts to rural landscapes," and they suffer from "neglect, insufficient funds, inappropriate development, or insensitive public policy." The purpose of the list is to motivate change and spark preservation efforts in these struggling places, though some of them are beyond repair due to major damage, insignificant funding and other factors.

Charleston, S.C., pictured here, is one of the places mentioned that is not yet considered endangered, but is on the watch list. Growing cruise tourism in the area may jeopardize the historic character of the city, but the situation could still be ameliorated by taking certain measures like relocating docking sites and enforcing limits on the size, number and frequency of ships. Read on for the complete list. (Text: Ashley Chase)