It’s a fact of life that car batteries don’t last forever… or do they? Once yours is no longer usable, it’s easy to recycle it. The materials can be used over and over to make new batteries. “New” batteries are, in fact, made with up to 80% recycled parts.

You can drop off your used battery at participating collection sites, including NAPA Auto Parts stores. NAPA is part of a recycling program that can recycle your entire battery.

Here’s how it works. The battery is taken from NAPA to a recycling facility where it’s ground into pieces. Then, the plastic is separated from the lead. The plastic pieces are cleaned, sorted, dried, melted and formed into pellets. The lead is melted into ingots, with impurities floating to the top to be scooped way. Battery acid is reclaimed for use in new batteries, neutralized or processed for re-use in other products like laundry detergent.

Remember, good lead-acid car batteries don’t die, they just get recycled. Over 6,000 NAPA Auto Parts stores are ready to accept yours when the time comes. Find a NAPA location near you at

Bring your dead car battery back to life—recycle it!
Lead-acid batteries are nearly 100% recyclable. Many auto parts stores will gladly take your battery off your hands to give the materials new life again.