When a Louisiana man, Tom Wagner, fell asleep on a United Airlines flight … and continued to sleep as the plane was emptied, cleaned and locked up, he may have officially become the strangest thing ever forgotten on the tarmac. Which says a lot, considering the array of truly bizarre items left behind by passengers once a flight has deplaned.

Travel site Skyscanner surveyed 700 cabin crew from 83 countries to come up with a list of seriously unforgettable things that have been forgotten on planes. Although no snoozing partners appear in the results, the following are some of the more memorable.

1. Live falcon
2. Live parrot
3. Glass eye
4. Prosthetic leg
5. Box of dried fish
6. One shoe
7. Wedding dress
8. Bag of diamonds
9. Wig
10. Handcuffs
11. Double bass
12. One egg (without packaging)
13. Frog
14. Underwear
15. Written marriage proposal

And among all of the single shoes and live animals (and bags of diamonds?!), plenty of regular old travel essentials are routinely neglected as well. Surprisingly, 24 percent of the cabin crew members surveyed have found a passport on board, along with 23 percent who have found phones and 21 percent who have found books.

But really, the sleeping guy takes the cake. Hear his side of the story in the video below:

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