If you’re driving along I-95 or I-5 see a huge green bus with solar panels, a living room, and 15 smiling faces looking back at you, don’t be alarmed — it’s completely polite to stare! Dartmouth College’s vegetable oil-powered Big Green Bus is kicking off its cross-country summer tour today in New York City, getting ready to educate the country about alternative energy and sustainable living practices.

This collection of Dartmouth College freshmen, juniors and seniors will be crisscrossing the U.S. in a specially modified, tricked out 1989 MCI coach bus complete with living area, kitchen, solar panels, LCD tvs, sleeping areas and wireless Internet — what the students call a “science project on wheels”.

The Big Green Bus crew has a simple message: change your carbon footprint. We’ll show you how. Make little changes, like unplugging appliances, adjusting your thermostat and changing your light bulbs make a big difference when they’re done by millions of people. The Big Green Bus hopes to spark a dialog about sustainable living, the viability of alternative energy sources and tangible solutions to local and global energy issues.

The Big Green Bus will be driving to over 30 states from coast to coast holding 50 events in cities like Washington D.C., Atlanta, Memphis, Phoenix, Denver and Philadelphia. Check out BigGreenBus.org for a full schedule and to learn more about the project.

Big Green Bus kicks off summer tour in NYC
Dartmouth College students aim to inspire Americans to reconsider their relationship to the planet and with each other.