Getting a little tired of the same-old, same-old and thinking you might pack up and live somewhere a little less ... interesting? You could spend your time on Google, researching every place from Canada to Sweden or you could spend a few minutes on a nifty site called IfItWereMyHome.

There you can compare where you live now to your choice of dozens of other countries. You'll get a breakdown of important characteristics you'd likely want to take into consideration before you pack up all your belongings, say good-bye to your friends, and say sayonara to your old life.

You will learn whether you would:

  • make more or less money
  • have more or less free time
  • spend more or less on health care
  • be more or less likely to be unemployed
  • live longer
  • use more electricity and oil

You'll also find out by percentage whether you'd be more or less likely to be murdered and whether there's less of a class divide in another country.

Country comparison tool These are the kinds of comparisons you'll see on the tool. (Photo: IfItWereMyHome)

For kicks, we took a look at the U.S. versus Canada, which seems to be a popular migration topic these days.

There are a few negatives to moving North, according to this tool. You'd make 18.37 percent less money, use 17.77 percent more electricity, and consume 9.64 percent more oil.

But on the upside? You'd spend 35.6 percent less money on health care, experience 28.67 percent less of a class divide, have 4.81 percent more free time, and live 2.11 years longer.

Anyone thinking about packing their bags?

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So you want to move to another country ...
If you're thinking about moving to another country, his handy tool lets you compare everything from free time to health care costs.