Getting stranded at the airport isn't anyone's idea of a good time. Except perhaps for YouTuber Mahshid Mazooji.

Mazooji missed her connecting flight out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport and was stuck there all night on Sept. 23. While most of us would fume about it, Mazooji grabbed her phone and filmed herself having a dance party set to Lionel Ritchie's, "All Night Long."

She recruited airport employees and fellow travelers to show off their dance moves, and almost all of them have some sweet ones. Mazooji has a pretty on-point moonwalk!

"I missed my connecting flight in Charlotte, and I didn't want to sit in anger all night long, so instead I did what makes me happiest ... DANCE!!!!" she wrote in the video's description. "Oh, and I made some really great friends along the way! Thank you for dancing your troubles away with me!!!"

The airport appreciated Mazooji's positive approach to spending the night at the airport, too:

So the next time your flight is delayed or you miss a connection, follow Mazooji's lead and fill up your dance card.

Miss your connection? Dance (All Night Long)!
Mahshid Mazooji missed her connecting flight at the Charlotte airport, but instead of stewing about it, she threw a dance party.