A couple and their dog visited a lake in Chickaloon, Alaska, in mid-November. And lucky for us, they brought their ice skates!

The video above shows them majestically gliding along the freshly frozen ice, with mountains and snow as a beautiful backdrop.

It's fun to watch them weave in and out as they move quickly across the cold reflective surface, even doing some fun dance moves along the way.

The outing, while fun to watch, was also a much needed break for the woman you see skating in the video.

"The skater in the video is my partner, Daisy Moser, who is currently going through chemo for breast cancer," John Giraldo, the man who filmed the outing, told ViralHog. "She had just gone through her fifth infusion four days before we took this video. Only one infusion left to go."

It's not only a beautiful glimpse of ice skating in Alaska, but a reason to be thankful for the little things in life — no matter what life throws your way.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Skating on fresh ice is a treat, especially when life gets complicated
Video shows two people skating on freshly frozen ice in Alaska, and one of them has a special reason to savor the adventure.