If you have a fear of heights, even by proxy, look away now because this video will likely trigger your acrophobia. And if you're not afraid of heights, you may suddenly find yourself feeling a little woozy regardless.

And for good reason, too. These daredevils are jumping off Norway's Kjerag mountain during the annual Heliboogie event. Per The Local, about 250 adrenaline lovers completed more than 1,100 jumps during the three-day event. The plunge, by the way, is roughly 1,000 meters, or about 3,281 feet.

While the jump is probably pretty horrifying for most of us, these jumpers are by no means strangers to big plunges. SBK Base, which runs the Heliboogie, doesn't allow anyone to jump off Kjerag unless they've completed 250 dives and a combined 90 jumps from cliffs and airplanes with a wingsuit, if they prefer to jump with that. (And based on the video, that's a popular option.)

While there's not much footage from the jumpers' perspectives, the entire event is breathtaking, apart from the obvious "Oh my god, these people are brave and may have a death wish" aspect of it. The scenery around Kjerag looks amazing from any vantage point, and these jumpers certainly get an amazing payoff in that regard.

This video of insane base jumpers will make you cling to your seat
Participants in the annual Heliboogie base jumping event off of Kjerag take leaps of daring faith.