Love EDUN and Loomstate clothes, but don't quite understand what all the fuss over eco-fashions are about? Why's organic cotton so important, and what's wrong with polyester? Then watch this humorous short video by Rachel Sarnoff of EcoStiletto, a green fashion website. Rachel gives you all the basic details about the need for eco-fashions -- in less than a minute!

Watch the short video to find out the heavy environmental costs of clothing materials -- like conventional cotton and polyester -- as well as learn about the more eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.

Of course, the nitty gritty details of eco-friendly fabrics are much more complicated than outlined in this short video. Even though bamboo and hemp are generally grown without pesticides, most bamboo and hemp products don't carry organic or other certification, so there's no guarantee of pesticide-free farming. Plus, much bamboo fabric is processed using rather scary chemicals.

Still, Rachel's short video gives you a basic primer. To delve more into the details, you might want to get Style, Naturally, a book dedicated to eco-fashions.

1-minute primer on eco-fashion
Get the basics about the environmental issues with conventional clothing -- plus the more eco-friendly alternatives.