Spring has sprung, and with it the humidity and fluctuating temperatures that can wreak havoc on hair. Keeping hair — especially longer hair — organized and tidy can be a challenge, so it's great to have an arsenal of hairstyles that you know how to put together in a flash. All three of these should take five minutes to put together and each is a pretty different look.

If you spend some time practicing before you have to run out the door in the morning, you will be ready to go when you do. Good luck, and keep an eye out for some of my favorite natural hair styling products and ingredients coming soon.

This video featuring Lauren Conrad (and her enviable hair) is the clearest one I've found for reminding me how to fishtail braid. Once you've got the technique, you can play with it by making the pieces thicker, thinner, messier or more streamlined.

I love a good updo, but a topknot (while awesome in a pinch) gets tiresome after awhile. "Milkmaid braids" are slightly more interesting, but still really easy way to get hair up and away with some style. If you braid the pieces tighly enough, this style will last all day (and I've even worn it swimming, and it will stay well and look cute as it dries in the sun). This is a great tutorial with lots of detail and alternatives.

Chignons are simple, universally flattering, and perfect for steamy days and bad hair days. If you don't have as much hair as you'd like to make a really poofy chignon (which always look the most chic), check out this tutorial that includes a special trick to achieve that extra-flattering big chignon.

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