Lace has gotten a bad rep over the years; relegated to the worlds of bridal fashion and lingerie, this once-popular decorative fabric was historically used in all kinds of clothing accessories, especially cuffs, scarves and collars. Over the last couple years, lace has gone through a renaissance, once again being seen on everything from shoes to jewelry to hats and even blouses and dresses. It continues to be a popular fabric for Fall/Winter 2013 collections, and whether it's vintage or handmade, you can find low-impact and high-quality (and also modern) versions of the decorative, feminine fabric. 

This Ilk founder and creator, Tamara Bavdek handmakes lace-inspired statement earrings inspired by art deco and modern lace patterns (many are shorter than these, but isn't this a cool example!). 

This sweet faux-front takes the place of a necklace or scarf. Handmade by EWMcCall from recycled lace. 

These encased brass cuffs by Wade Jensen and Moire Conroy are about the idea of deconstructed lace.

This pretty lace headband is a bit stretchy, so it will fit your head snugly; perfect for an updo or pushing your hair off your face on busy days. 

A modern take on the lace trend, this handmade tote bag is strong and sturdy, with inside pockets and nice long handles. 

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5 ways to wear fall's lace trend (without looking like a bride)
Lace has broken way outside the bridal realm and can now be found on a plethora of accessories.