The best part of summer (outside time!) is also what can make it tough on skin — and turn hair into a floppy or frizzy mess. You want to look put together, but also embrace the season, which means minimal makeup and natural hair texture.

The heat and humidity affect everyone a bit differently, but over the years, I have found some amazing products that really make a difference — and they ll use natural ingredients, of course. 


Angel Face Botanicals Lavender and Aloe spray

I've tried more toner sprays than you can shake a rose at, but none have been as refreshing, or have soaked into my skin as quickly and completely as Angel Face Botanicals Lavender and Aloe spray. Maybe it's because the base for this toner/spray is aloe juice and not regular deionized agua (which is what you usually see on the ingredients list), but it's ideal for when you're out in the hot sun and need a cooling spritz, for when you're hauling it cross-country on a flight, and after you cleanse. 

Green + Glam Waves Sea Spray

If you hair looks great after an ocean swim (mine does), you should check out Green + Glam Waves Sea Spray, which is vegan and cruelty-free, and contains simple, recognizable ingredients, including some organic ones. I love what it does for my hair — you can spray it on dry for a bit of volume, or dampen hair with it to get the real beach hair. 

Dr. Hauschka's bronzing tint

If you burn too easily to really get a tan, or if you have tanned unevenly (reality is that if you get browned by the sun naturally, this will happen ... the back of my thighs are always pale when the rest of me is nicely tan), bronzer is key. Dr. Hauschka's is my favorite of the many natural bronzers I've tried, and it works nicely in spring and fall when you want to brighten up your cheeks too. It's designed to be used on its own or mixed with your favorite moisturizer, which is what I do. 

Schmidt's Deodorant

Natural deodorants can be tough when summer rolls around; you need one that really, truly works. Enter Schmidt's Deodorant, which is my new favorite go-to in this category. Yes, you have to wipe it on/work it in with your fingers a bit, but this only ensures that you really get your pits covered — it's easy to miss a spot with a roll-on or bar. They come in a variety of truly lovely smelling (gentle) fragrances, as well as fragrance-free, and my faves are the cedarwood and juniper, and the lavender and sage; my partner swears by the bergamot and lime — and he is proof-positive that Schmidt's magical combo of baking soda, shea butter and arrowroot powder totally deodorizes. Bonus is that you can use it on your feet too. I recently had a long flight and used it beforehand to avoid smells from feet that are in shoes for too many hours.

Mineral Fusion's Illuminating BB Cream

Mineral Fusion's Illuminating BB Cream includes a broad-spectrum SPF of 9, a gently illuminating, sheer, but still effective color that evens out skin tone and is super-easy to apply. It wins my "does everything without any toxic ingredients" award for the summer — I love it! I use it on days I can't avoid being in the sun, and one day recently when I did get a mild burn, it not only covered my redness, but nourished my skin as it healed, since it contains aloe vera juice and rose, olive and white tea leaf extracts.  

Jane Iredale's Just Kissed Lip and Cheek stain

You know that perfect-color, go-to lip color that's ideal in every way that you seem to find once a decade? Well, mine is Jane Iredale's Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain (which colors the lips gently and naturally, and is moisturizing without being greasy). A summer gem. 

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6 summer skin and hair superstars (natural of course!)
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