Sure, you could pick up a regular old backpack to store your stuff and carry it around town. Or you could grab one of these wonderful, wacky bags that let you tote your gear in style. Whether you love nature, sushi or even dragons, there's a backpack out there to match your mood. Here's our roundup of unusual bags that will separate you from the rest of the pack.

1. The cat backpack

Give your cat a window to the world with this backpack that doubles as a pet carrier. Honestly, it would take a pretty chill cat to dig this kind of ride. But hey, if your feline bestie is mellow, why not give him a lift?

2. The zombie backpack

Walking Dead backpack Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with a backpack that sets the scene. (Photo: FamilySkiners/Etsy)

Ready to take on zombies or other gruesome creatures? This backpack is the perfect place to store all of your apocalyptic accessories. It's made from leather so it will stand up to a lot of wear and tear. But you may want to make sure it's blood — er, water — proof to avoid unsightly stains.

3. The beetle backpack

Beetle backpack We're pretty sure nobody will mess with this backpack. (Photo: KiliDesign/Etsy)

Is it a beetle or a backpack? It's actually a little bit of both. And while it may look strange, the cocoon-like carapace of this backpack is sure to keep your stuff safe.

4. Sushi backpack

Sushi backpacks This backpack will leave you feeling hungry. (Photo: Turn Over)

Hmm... There's something fishy about this backpack but I just can't put my finger on it... Oh wait! Maybe it's the fact that it's made to look like giant pieces of sushi riding on your back! No matter what style of sashimi you select, one thing is for sure: This backpack is going to leave you hungry for more.

5. Winged backpack

Rainbow winged backpack With a winged backpack, you'll feel like you can fly away from the masses. (Photo: OrangeCatMinsk/Etsy)

Have you ever wished that you could fly? Of course you have. But while this winged backpack may not actually help you achieve liftoff it will give you the next best thing: wings. The beautiful felted-wing bags come in rainbow shades or a more muted "shades of gray" style.

6. Dragon backpack

Dragon Backpack Nobody will mess with you when you wear this creepy dragon backpack. (Photo:

So yeah, this backpack is a dragon. I can't decide if this bag is the coolest or the creepiest thing I have ever seen, but it is probably somewhere in between. Quite possibly the best part about this design is that it is actually a functional backpack, with an opening right under the dragon's neck.

7. Leafling backpack

Leaf backpack Be one with nature with one of these leafling backpacks. (Photo: LeaflingBags/Etsy)

Feeling like a woodland sprite? Dress the part with this leafling backpack that looks like it was designed by Ma Nature herself. The bags are available in a bunch of colors and styles so you can mix it up to fit your needs.

7 wacky backpacks to help you stand out
Whether you love nature, sushi or even dragons, there's a backpack out there to match your mood.