So, you didn’t have time to join a beach cleanup on World Oceans Day yesterday? A new green company will do the dirty work for you — if you become a customer.

Called United By Blue, this green apparel and accessories company promises to remove a pound of beach trash per item sold. Buy a “Plastic Jellyfish” T-shirt for $29.50, and you’ll get to wear a cleverly designed shirt that shows how plastic debris can look like edible jellyfish to hungry marine creatures — while feeling virtuous for having helped clean up the beach.

Who actually picks up the trash? Anyone who wants to organize a beach cleanup — and wants United By Blue’s help to organize it. Simply fill out a form with your event’s details, and United By Blue will send over all the supplies you need — plus a free organic cotton T-shirt to reward your do-gooderism.

United By Blue launched yesterday — with the goal of removing 15,000 pounds of trash by the end of the year. Both men’s and women’s T-shirts are available, as is a stylish organic canvas bag. All items are packaged plastic-free!

A beach-cleaning T-shirt
United By Blue promises to take a pound of trash off the beach for each of its organic cotton T-shirt sold.