Wooly Vagabond

Eco-fashionistas with green thumbs: If you consider your plants to be your green pets, why leave your green best friend alone at home when you go out? Why not tote your plant the way celebs tote their little dogs?

Now there's a purse to meet your plant-toting needs: The Woolly Vagabond. Made by green garden product company The Woolly Pocket, The Vagabond is a whimsical “living, breathing handbag” that also sounds like the perfect date, sort of. According to the company description:

[Woolly Vagabond] gracefully hangs from the ceiling and stands on the table. Best of all, he travels about town. He’s your personal breath of fresh air and will accompany you to the museum, on picnics and out to dinner.
The plant purse is green too, made with breathable “felt” sides made of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, a moisture barrier made of 60 percent recycled plastic bottles, and a reclaimed leather handle. The Wolly Vagabond doesn’t actually come with a plant; you’ll need to pick out your own green friend from your garden.

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A cute idea — but a realistic one? I love the idea of the Woolly Vagabond as a conversation starter, but I’m not sure where I’d put all my stuff if my purse is filled with a plant — and I have enough trouble keeping stationary plants alive. The Woolly Vagabond may be, like Kathleen Plate’s recycled glass dresses, one of those eco-designs better fit for the runway than for a night of barhopping for organic cocktails.

4167920877 9df4546813 Woolly Vagabond: A Purse for take your plant to MOCA day

Luckily, the Wooly Vagabond does come with an optional hanging system — a circular reclaimed wood base with a groove cut for the purse handle and a brass chain — if you decide to leave your green pet at home. Each purse costs $140 — $155 with the hanging system — at The Woolly Pocket’s online store.

Photos courtesy of Woolly Pocket

A plant-toting purse for eccentric eco-fashionistas
Take your favorite plant for a night out on the town in the Woolly Vagabond, an eco-fashionable purse.