New York Fashion Week attendees were treated to an eco-fashion spectacle today when two male models strutted the streets wearing suits made from recycled plastic bottles. One suit was totally see through!

No, the see-though suit isn’t going to be the latest men’s eco-fashion trend. That suit was for show, intended “to symbolize the EcoGir technology’s origin in plastic bottles.” The less-exhibitionist suit’s the one that actually uses EcoGir technology, which turns old plastic bottles into wearable suits.

EcoGir suits — each of which are made of about 13 recycled plastic bottles — are made by Bagir Ltd., an Israel-based apparel manufacturer. Both machine-washable and tumble-dryable, the eco-suits are available for $149 at Sears under the Covington Perfect Wardrobe label.

A see-through suit: NY Fashion Week gets a green eyeful
A pair of "eco-ambassador" models gave New Yorkers a good look at what men's green fashion looks like.