Ethical fashion reaps its rewards! People Tree, a fair trade fashion company based in the U.K., took the fashion and accessories award at the Observer Ethical Awards last week (via Ethical Style).

People Tree works with 50 fair trade groups in 15 different countries to make fair trade fashions that meet the standards set by the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT). The cute clothes are then sold in the U.K. -- with the money from the sales going to alleviate poverty in the neighborhoods where the fair trade groups work.  

In addition to meeting fair trade standards, many of People Tree's pieces are also handmade out of eco-friendly materials. To the right, for example, is an asymmetrical jersey top made of organic, fair trade certified cotton. The piece was created by Assisi Garments, a group in India that "provides employment for deaf, mute and poor women who were considered unfit for marriage by their families," according to People Tree.

People Tree’s online boutique is offering 20 percent off and free shipping; use the code PTMY09 at checkout.

Photo: Courtesy of People Tree