Majestical Roof in Pasadena

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If you're ever in Pasadena, Calif., drop by Majestical Roof — a pro-local, pro-handmade store that serves as a hub for artists, craftsters, and the neighborhood fans who support them.


Getting to The Majestical Roof is in itself a pleasant adventure. This eco-conscious boutique is tucked inside a cozy courtyard, decorated with colorful murals and shady trees.

Once inside the store, explore carefully – because each item is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gem. “No MPP (no mass manufactured products)” brags the poster for Majestical Roof’s recent Alternative Art Market event.

Recycled fashions make a big comeback in this boutique: vintage ties recrafted into cellphone holders, funky purses made from repurposed fabric, and even cute doggie clothes revamped from old sweaters. This shop prides itself in supporting local crafters and artisans who create everything from handmade jewelry to bamboo T-shirts.

Majestical Roof in Pasadena

A few more highly recognized eco-brands, like No Sweat sneakers and ecoist purses made of recycled gum wrappers, also share the boutique’s space. And if you want artwork for the apartment, the walls here double as a gallery of sorts for unique paintings by local artists.

The Majestical Roof's located at 88 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Ste 102. in Pasadena.

Photos by Siel

Against mass manufacture
Majestical Roof in Pasadena, Calif., prides itself in its No MMP (no mass manufactured products) motto.