Leave it to Amy Schumer to crack a joke that winds up inspiring a movement.

On her show, "Inside Amy Schumer," the comedienne recently parodied boy bands and the mixed message that women of all ages get about beauty with her video, "Girl You Don't Need Makeup." And she has inspired legions of fans to start a new conversation about beauty by posting their own makeup-free selfies on Twitter using the hashtag, #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup.

In the video, Schumer is serenaded by members of a One Direction-esque boy band who plead with her to take off her makeup and let her natural glow shine. 

Girl it ain't no lie,

Just look deep into my eyes,

You're perfect and I think you should know...

Sounds like just about every boy-band pop ballad that's ever been written. The boys plead with Schumer to take it off in breathy voices — so she does. Then the boys quickly change their tune:

Ho-ho-hold up girl we spoke too soon,

With this whole no makeup tune.

We kinda changed our minds,

On the makeup thing...

Have a look:

The video is hilarious, and it perfectly captures the mixed message that women get from the media about beauty. But what's really awesome is the movement Schumer sparked on Twitter with this post:
Even Schumer was blown away by the responses that came pouring in:
The hashtag even caught on with Schumer's male fans:
Amy Schumer's 'No Makeup' video sparks a barefaced selfie movement
Fans flood Twitter with makeup-free faces using the #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup hashtag.