Fashions come and go — then come back as eco-fashion! Since buying used is usually even more eco-friendly than buying new clothes made of eco-friendly materials, a great new year’s resolution for the aspiring eco-fashion maven’s to embrace pre-loved clothes.

To help you, eco fashion zine Ethical Style’s dedicated its first issue of 2009 to vintage clothing. Find out how stylish pre-loved clothes and accessories can be by taking in fashion photographer Jonathan Daniel’s “charity chic” shoot — put together with clothes from vintage shops and charity stores. Then make a vicarious e-visit to Decades, the L.A. vintage boutique on Melrose, to see how beautiful — and expensive — old clothes can be.

If you want to take your eco-fashion consciousness a step further, check out Madison West’s list of eco-fashion resolutions you can make. Ideas range from simply picking up a book to learn about what eco-fashion really is to picking up needle and thread to create your own eco-outfit!