Living sustainably in the city can seem like a lonely endeavor at times — but small urban communities are trying to change that. One of those intentional communities is L.A. Eco-Village, a two-block neighborhood of all sorts of people who’ve embraced voluntary simplicity and ecological consciousness.

The L.A. Eco-Village gives regular tours and often hosts interesting green-themed talks. I visited the place a few months ago to hear a talk by Erik Knutzen, one of the authors of The Urban Homestead. And now, you can visit this eco-oasis in the city vicariously by watching this short video from Streetsfilms.

 I was especially inspired by L.A. Eco-Village residents’ emphasis on community — considering the fact that Los Angeles is a city where many people don’t know their neighbors’ names. You can find out more about L.A. Eco-Village on their website, or find out about other eco-villages in the United States by visiting