Want to make fuel combustion engines obsolete? Wear a piece of that dream on your wrist — with Harveys Seatbeltbags Treecycle collection. The eco-bag company has come out with 12 eco-friendly styles in go-with-everything colors for your next eco-event!

Made with reclaimed seat belts from auto and airline manufacturers, these handbags are lined with hemp fabric — that’s silk-screened with the Treecycle logo in water-based ink.

To show how good eco-fashionistas can look on the go, I tried out the Minnie Wristlet & Coin Purse — the perfect teensie-sized purse to go clubbing with. Trouble is, I don’t go clubbing as much as I used to. And as a blogger, wherever I go, I like to take my Blackberry and my camera — in addition to the obligatory ID, credit card, cash and lipstick. Trouble is, the wristlet fits only a Blackberry OR a camera — not both. After all, the point of the wristlet is to keep you unencumbered for stress-free clubbing.

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Which is to say the Harveys wristlet found my favor not so much as a wristlet, but as a camera case — that protects my camera perfectly and fits neatly into my bigger, English Retreads recycled inner tube purse, which I carried to Green Business Networking on Tuesday. Soon, maybe, I shall go clubbing again — with a wristlet holding just my lipstick, ID and Blackberry — which does, to be fair, have a camera (that takes perfectly craptastic photos!).

Will I see you at an eco-club? If so, let’s compare eco-wristlets. Find Harveys bags at a store near you.

Bottom photo by Siel

An eco-wristlet for eco-clubbing
Upcycled seatbelts make for a fashionable clubbing accessory. But will your snazzy smart phone fit into the thing?