Turn around the average bottle of body lotion, and you’ll get a long, daunting list of ingredients, most with chemical-sounding names you can’t pronounce. Turn around the average bottle of green-branded lotion, and you’ll likely still get a long, daunting list of ingredients — though with a few organic ones thrown in and a few of the baddies like parabens thrown out.

That’s why the minimalist ingredient list is what sets Anthology Organic apart. Turn around a jar of Anthology Organic’s Organic Body Butter, and you’ll see a list of seven ingredients. And since the body butter is 99 percent organic, all the ingredients are organic-certified except one — the GMO-free tocopherols (vitamin E).

But can such simplicity create a good body butter? Yes, it can. I tried the Lemongrass Shire Organic Body Butter — an intensive moisturizer made with rich, organic shea butter plus oils of golden jojoba, sunflower and macadamia. Open the recyclable glass jar on a warm day, and the butter will feel like a smooth, thick cream that deeply moisturizes your skin while leaving you smelling like fresh lemongrass. On a cold day, the body butter feels more solid — like hardened butter — that quickly warms and melts in your hands.

Anthology Organic’s body butter is thick, potent, and made for thirsty skin — which means if your skin tends to be oily, the butter may be a bit much for you. But if, like me, you’ve started turning on the heater because the L.A. weather is turning cold, the body butter will help your drier skin adjust.

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Based in Los Angeles, Anthology Organic is a vegan and eco-friendly skin care company that prides itself in its 99 to 100 percent organic products — which are all vegan to boot. In addition to the body butter, Anthology Organic makes facial serums, masks and scrubs — as well as bath salts, body scrubs and candles. Get the body butter — in five different scents including unscented — for $16.95 per 4-ounc jar at Anthology Organic’s online store or Etsy shop.

An organic body butter for thirsty winter skin
Anthology Organic's body butters will keep your skin moisturized during the dry winter months with just a handful of clean, organic ingredients.