Threadless fans now have a more activist-minded site to bookmark. Artevist lets you submit, review, and vote on T-shirt designs with activist messages, bringing together designers and fashionistas who want to use the T-shirt as a platform to spur people to action. (via Ethical Style)

Creative minds can enter their own progressive T-shirt design into contests for a chance to win $700 plus 7 percent royalty on all T-shirts sold with that design, as well as a couple free T-shirts of their own. Check Artevist's website to find out about the latest contests.

Everyone's invited to vote on the submitted designs. The ones up for rating now run the gamut, from the plainly didactic (i.e. a picture of the earth with the words "we only get one") to rather cryptic (i.e. an image of a teddy bear with a gas mask on, with the caption "Destroy and Deny"). Oddly, I tend to be drawn to the cryptic designs whose activist messaging's obscure at best....

In any case, the best part of Artevist, IMHO, is that the shirts themselves are eco-friendly Bamboosa T-shirts made in the U.S.!

Image by Georgiana Avila, via Artevist

Artevist: Threadless with a progressive bent
Design your eco-friendly message -- and wear it proudly on an eco-friendly T-shirt! Artevist brings together activist designers and green fashionistas.