Want a chance to win great new eco-gear — or cash for the spring? Then get ready to bare your skin, your secret designs, or your poetic thoughts! A few contests I hope you win:

>> Bare your skin to win eco-activewear. Icebreaker is giving away its own gear as daily prizes — and Limited Edition Icebreaker Whistler Gear as a grand prize — for environmentalists who dare reveal what’s next to their skin. The company’s What’s Next to Your Skin? contest wants you to show off your tattoo, organic undies, hemp bracelet, or whatever by taking a picture of it and sending it along with your name and contact phone number to competition2010@icebreaker.com by March 2.

>> Bare your eco-design ideas for cash. Reusable hand towel company PeopleTowels is holding a Earth Day Design Contest. Simply come up with a design to be printed on a PeopleTowel, then submit it for a chance to win $1,000 — plus a stipend from the online sales of your PeopleTowels’ design. Second- and third-place winners will get $500 and $250, respectively. Get your design in by Feb. 26 for consideration.

>> Bare your poetic thoughts to win eco-friendly gifts. Kate’s Caring Gifts is holding its second annual environmental poetry contest. Write an environmental limerick or haiku for a chance to win $100 or $50 gift certificates! Get your poems in by March 19 for consideration.

Bare it to win it
Green companies are giving away sustainable clothes, eco-friendly gifts, and even cold hard cash.