If you are trying to avoid wool (whether because you are vegan or because it makes you itch), there are several good eco-friendly options out there. Organic cotton, if it's knit thickly, is warmer than you would think, and recycled polyester can be wind-resistant and will dry quickly (and still keep your hands warm, like wool) when it gets wet. Here are a few sweet and stylish, vegan options for keeping toasty this cold-weather season. 

Vaute Couture's organic cotton topper

Vaute Couture's organic cotton topper is a sweet version of the traditional pom-pom hat, and is an easy way to rock the Winter White look. 

Patagonia's Better Sweater gloves

Patagonia's Better Sweater gloves are made from recycled polyester fleece, which is quick-drying, very warm, and long-lasting. 

Handmade cowl scarf

A cowl scarf, handmade in Maine, serves as both a hood of sorts and a scarf. The big wooden button is just a bonus.

organic cotton, artisan-made glovelettes

For those of us who need our fingers for texting or driving (but not both at the same time of course!!), these organic cotton, artisan-made glovelettes are perfect. 

recycled polyester scarf from Volcom

This recycled polyester scarf from Volcom is only $9.99 and comes in two fun striped patterns with bold colors. 

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Beautiful vegan winter hats, scarves, and gloves
Animal-free ways to keep warm and cozy as the temperature dips.