Wood is a popular and growing material to make accessories from; from glasses and sunglasses to jewelry and even ties (I wear a wooden tie quite often) and watches, wood can be a sustainable, (if made from reclaimed or leftover wood), biodegradable and uniquely patterned option. Depending on the type of wood used, it's usually quite lightweight and has the bonus of looking better with wear.

Reclaimed zebrawood (from furniture-making) sunglasses for women are a different (and eco-friendly) way to make a style statement.

The same site offers these bamboo sunglasses for men are super light on the face, and have a cool, contemporary look.

This cool wood watch is made from various colors of wood and comes in quite a few different combinations.

How about a wooden bowtie? This is one of three styles available for men and women (yes of course women can wear bowties!).

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Beautiful wooden accessories for summer
Wood is a sustainable, lightweight and beautiful addition to breezy summer wardrobes.