When eco-aesthetician Diana Ralys soothed my skin with argan oil at my last facial, I was convinced to start using the luxurious skin saver every day. Calming and hydrating with a gentle smooth, silky feel and mild nutty scent, pure argan oil's a great natural moisturizer that can be used as a simple serum -- no additives, preservatives, or fragrances required.

That's why I was ecstatic to try out La Bella Figura's beauty line. This boutique all-organic, chemical-free beauty company uses pure, organic, fair trade argan oil -- sustainably and ethically sourced from Morocco -- as the base in all its eco-luxe products. Its signature product: Moroccan Face Gold -- which is simply 100 percent organic argan oil. This pure beauty product's about as clean and healing as you can get -- especially for those with sensitive skin. The luxurious oil's super gentle, but powerfully moisturizing and soothing.

Though super sensitive types might just want to stick with pure argan oil, your skin can get a bigger beauty boost by adding a few other natural ingredients. Diana says though argan oil does a lot, she still recommends a few extras "Regardless of the skin's type or condition antioxidants, like Vitamin C are essential," she told me. "Antioxidants help to decrease skin's stress and support overall skin's health."

Want that Vitamin C with your argan oil? Then get La Bella Figura's Tesoro Mediterranean Blend. This serum also has argan oil as its base but also boasts bergamot fruit, lemon, neroli flower, and grapefruit oils -- which give it both an antioxidant kick and a fragrant citrusy scent. "It's got an extra boost of Vitamin C, even more antioxidants and polyphenols to help hydrate the skin, regenerate skin cells,and smooth out fine lines," says Karen King, co-founder of La Bella Figura. "The added essential oils help tone and detoxify the skin. The chamomile and bergamot act as anti-inflammatories, helping to calm breakouts and skin redness."

I often let my face serums double as my eye moisturizer too -- since the products are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin spots -- but La Bella Figura also offers a special eye serum, dubbed Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum. This potent potion combines organic argan oil with barbary fig oil for anti inflammatory power, coffee bean oil for moisture retention, and wild-crafted tomato seed oil to heal dry skin. Karen credits it with helping diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. I've noticed that putting on Découverte every night before going to sleep really deep-moisturizes the skin around my eyes -- an area that easily get dry from putting on and taking off eye makeup everyday. Now, the skin there feels healthier and plumper!

Want to treat your skin to argan oil? La Bella Figura's eco-luxe beauty line's available at its online store. For a half ounce in a glass pump bottle, Morrocan Face Gold and Tesoro Mediterranean Blend cost $27.50 and $40, respectively. Try both plus the company's lip balm without breaking the bank with La Bella Figura's The Perfect Traveler Kit, which gives you trial sizes of all three products for $20. Découverte isn't included in that travel pack though -- and costs an eye popping $115 for a third ounce.

Beauty from organic argan oil
An all-organic, chemical free beauty line from La Bella Figura impressed MNN's lifestyle blogger with its argan oil-based eco-luxe products.