4038389162 d0f1c69819 m Clicklist: >> Law-breaking cyclists. Christopher Beam at Slate asks how we can get cyclists — like himself — to start obeying the law:

Heading home from work yesterday, I ran five red lights and three stop signs, went the wrong way down a one-way street, and took a left across two lanes of oncoming traffic. My excuse: I was on a bike.
Christopher suggests that bicyclists cut back on -- and that the police enforce -- some of the more dangerous behavior -- while letting more innocuous slips slide. What do you think should be done about dangerous or illegal cycling?

>> Law enforcing cyclist. A new webcomic called Bicycle Cop Dave will feature as its hero a cop-on-bike, showing graphically that to really experience one’s neighborhood — and the gentrification taking place in it — requires getting out of the car. From the press release:

Set in a downtown Los Angeles where gentrification seeks to displace the homeless, where loft dwellers walk their little dogs past dark alleyways from which the sickly sweet smell of something else wafts, police officer David Richter patrols this mixed area on his trusty bike.
Created by Gary Phillips and Manoel Magalhães, Bicycle Cop Dave will debut at FourStory.org on Oct. 28.  (via la.metblogs.com)

>> Bike Benefits. If you live in Southern California, public radio station KPCC wants to know if bicycling’s improving your bottom line — meaning the state of your wallet, not the state of your butt, though bicycling can improve the latter too! Share your thoughts — with a photo of yourself on your bike — and you could be part of  KPCC’s slideshow of folks who bike in SoCal. (thanks Sharon)

Image courtesy of FourStory.org

Bicycles and law enforcement
Get new perspectives on bicycling and the law -- from a writer who bikes illegally and a bicycling cop in a new web comic.