I try to get my jeans pre-loved at Crossroads or local consignment stores — all the fashion, half the price! But now comes a jeans brand that’s a little less pre-loved yet greener than most: Reco Jeans.

Reco Jeans are made by interweaving recycled denim with new cotton for a semi-recycled pair of newish stylish jeans. What’s not quite clear is how much of Reco Jeans are in fact made up of recycled materials. Treehugger says “Reco claims to make its jeans with up to 300 percent more recycled denim fibers than its competitors.” But whether these competitors were using as little as 3 percent or as much as 30 percent recycled fibers, I don’t know.

Still, the jeans are getting some great press — partly because Woody Harrelson and Alanis Morissette are putting their names behind the new denim brand. The eco-details of Reco Jeans go beyond the denim: Styles are named after endangered plants and flowers, and tags are printed on recycled or plantable seeded paper.

How much do the jeans cost? Right now, you get to decide. Just bid on the jeans of your choice in a pre-launch Dutch auction for a chance to win one of the 300 limited edition Reco Jeans boxed sets — which come not just with the jeans, but also a Reco iPod case — and a certificate of authenticity, in case you wanted to carry that around and whip it out at eco-gatherings to prove just how green your outfit is. Last day to bid is July 18.

Bid on recycled denim
Win one of 300 limited edition box sets of Reco Jeans, new denim fashions made with recycled materials.