Try Blissoma Solutions‘ natural skincare products, and you’ll get a sense of what real natural ingredients feel like. Unlike the pungent, synthetic, anything-but-herbal stench of Herbal Essences products, Blissoma Solutions products actually have the aroma of real herbs and botanicals because they’re made with mostly organic certified plant-based ingredients like seaweeds, pumpkin oil, acai and blue yarrow.

Blissoma Solutions

The skin care line for eco-company Irie Star, Blissoma Solutions products are formulated by Irie Star’s chief executive manager Julie Longyear. All products — four moisturizers, two toners, a facial cleanser, clay mask and a lotion — are mixed in small batches, with ingredients fully listed on the packaging and on Irie Star’s website. Yes, all ingredients are scored “low hazard” on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetic safety database — aside from limonele, geraniol and linalool, which have “moderate hazard” scores.

I loved both Awake and Peace — the morning and evening facial moisturizers — which left my skin feeling nourished without being greasy. These moisturizers really do smell like a complex mix of fresh herbs and essential oils, but the scent isn’t overwhelmingly fruity and pungent as some natural products scented with essential oils tend to be. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the Fresh – Mild Rice Cleanser, which left behind an oily residue I didn’t find so  “fresh.”

Those who like a more moisturizing cleanser, however, might want to give Fresh a chance. Blissoma Solutions can be found at Whole Foods markets in the Midwest — as well as some independent stores and online at Irie Star. Price per product ranges from $16.99 – $22.25; 4-product “intro sets” are also available for $25.

Images courtesy of Irie Star

Blissoma Solutions: Hebalicious skin care
New skin care line Blissoma Solutions offers moisturizers and cleansers made with certified organic plant-based ingredients.