bad 180 150 Blog Action Day 2009: Read green blogsToday is Blog Action Day 2009, when bloggers across the blogosphere blog about a single pressing topic. This year, that topic’s climate change!

I and other MNN bloggers already write often about climate change here — so I thought I’d make my Blog Action Day post one that highlights other green bloggers writing about climate change today — and blogging green most other days too. Read them and start following their blogs — and soon every day will feel like Blog Action Day:

>> Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish urges you to take part in the International Day of Climate Action, coming up Oct. 24. If you’re in the L.A.-area, join the Blogger Beach Cleanup I’m planning!

>> Erin at Unclutterer gives you tips on how to make living green a daily habit: “If changing your behaviors to help save the environment or improve your eating habits or live an uncluttered life is at the top of your priority list, then give yourself time to become accustom to your new routines.”

>> Amy Gates at Crunchy Domestic Goddess addresses the question, “why bother?”: “Because the future of humankind depends on it. Even if by some stroke of luck climate change doesn’t affect us during our lifetime (wishful thinking), I would hate to leave this huge burden and mess for our children to clean up.”

>> The Good Human wants you to speak up and take action, even though individual voices can seem weak in the face of big environmental problems: “We all can do our little parts which DO add up – don’t forget it.”

Just finding about Blog Action Day now? It’s not too late to sign up and join in — Start working on your post now!

Blog Action Day 2009: Read green blogs
Today's Blog Action Day! Read up on what green bloggers are saying about climate change -- and get inspired to take action.