If you like to wear your enviro-activism on your sleeve, a couple eco-bracelets are competing for your dollars — by promising to donate the funds to StopGlobalWarming.org, the virtual march against global climate change. 

First up: A Stop Global Warming bracelet from Roots. Made from 100% recycled scrap leather in Canada, this bracelet’s available in five different colors and costs $5 — all of which is donated to StopGlobalWarming.org.

If you’re vegan — or simply want a slimmer bracelet — there’s the I’m Tired of Global Warming bracelet. Made from recycled tires and metals, this bracelet costs $10 — $5 of which goes to StopGlobalWarming.org.

I'm not really the message-wearing type, but judging by the popularity of Lance Armstrong's yellow bracelets, many people are! Would you buy one of these for  your wrist?

Images: Courtesy roots.com and imtiredonline.com

Bracelets against global warming
Two bracelets let you announce your eco-activism on your sleeve -- while putting your money towards fighting global climate change.