Haven’t switched to e-billing yet? Now there’s an online calculator that shows you how your using up resources — and correspondingly, how much you can save with a few clicks on your computer.

The Green Calculator at PayItGreen, a pro-ebilling organization, simply asks how many paper bills you get a month, and how many bills you pay by mail. Put in those two numbers and you get a whole bunch of numbers back! If you receive and pay five bills via paper, for example, you’re using up an extra 1.9 pounds of paper, 18 gallons of water, and 2.4 gallons of gas — and creating 74 pounds of greenhouse gases — a year.

In case that info is not enough to convince you to switch to ebilling, the calculator also lets you know that those 74 pounds of greenhouses are equivalent to driving 73 miles! On the upside, switching to ebilling would be the equivalent to planting a tree and growing it for 10 years or saving 10 square feet of forest from deforestation.

I actually prefer ebilling just because it’s convenient and cheap! I like scheduling payments for exact days, and I like not paying for stamps. Have you made the switch?

Calculate your paper footprint
A new online calculator shows you how much of earth's resources you can save by switching to e-billing.