I like to think I’m a light packer, but even for a weekend out of town, I usually pack at least a dozen clothing items. So I’m awed by a new bloggy experiment that started today. Called six items or less, the experiment has a simple challenge: Wear only six items of clothing — for an entire month. (via GOOD)

An impressive 94 people — from places as varied as Silverlake, Calif., and Seoul, Korea — have signed up to take this challenge. In case you’re wondering if all these people have committed to washing their underwear every night to dry them overnight and wear them again in the morning, rest assured the challenge doesn’t include underwear — or shoes and accessories — or even workout clothes and outerwear.

Still, the challenge is impressive. So far, the challenge-takers sound exuberant. “My only wish is that I could get my whole family to do it,” writes derbybeaver in Lansing, Mich. “I think getting both kids and the man on this 'clothing diet' would sure save me a lot of time & energy in the laundry department. ”

Anti-consumerism is the motivation behind derbybeaver’s decision to join six items or less, but other challenge-takers cite everything from creativity to curiousity as their primary motivator. Any motivation will do, according to the website:

People have asked what the philosophy is behind the experiment and most assume it’s a statement about consumerism. In reality, we haven’t dictated a driving thought. Rather it’s about putting a challenge out there and seeing what people bring to it, do with it and talk about.
Tamsin, a co-founder of this project, says her motivation is “uniform” — as in the desire to wear one, because she hates having to think about what she’s going to wear in the morning. Reduce the options to six items, and the daily outfit conundrum disappears.

The signup period for the bloggy challenge is over, but there’s no reason you can’t start your own personal experiment. Would you be interested in taking a minimalist wardrobe challenge? And if so, what would your motivation be?

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